Thursday, October 31, 2013

Once Upon A Time... Fairytale Was Reality and Reality Was A Fairytale

Once upon a time fairytales were reality and
reality was a fairytale. For some the fairytale was inside their head for others it was inside a book or two (or hundreds more).

For the more, less heard of, life is/was the fairytale. It was/is perfect. On the other end of time reality is now know as/ was known as what we walk out the door to, look in the mailbox for, go to work to.

Reality is/was what was/is lived, seen, felt, breathed and always woken up to but never from.

These are the people who see beyond this illusion, sorry reality (illusion is another conversation for another time) and are stuck in books and daydreams because they see truth in what they read and dream. But then there is always that someone or something that brings you back into this reality. It can be something mundane, something you do everyday or just the smallest of things and you are falling, crashing from cloud 5 back into the chaos. Don't you feel that you should always be there in that place that brings
you epic euphoria? Why do you thing that you go there in the first place?

This Reality for many and I dare say all is a nightmare. It is something we can't find the end to and we don't know when or where it started, but as said before, we always wake up to it. Are you not ready to wake up from it? Reality is the Nightmare and no matter how hard we run, how far we climb, it always seems we are spiraling down or held in mid air. Stagnant. Enough talk of this nightmare I think we live
it enough as is.

Lets go back to the fairytales. I shall tell you one, all I ask is that you not be vexed that I wish for you to define the ending for yourself. Now other story. Once upon a time, because all the best fairytales start out this way, anyway, once upon a time... hmm I think the best know stories have a prince or knight in shining armor, racking in the dough and the damsel in distress aka the princess either lost, stolen or never heard of, also lets not forget the girl (or guy) at that nine to five dead end job, busting their butts for that fire breathing dragon of a boss or that wicked witch that has cursed you to work long hours in the tower they call a building. I'm done ranting back to the focus of the story.

The Prince we will give the name Freedom because that is what I feel that the prince as always stood for, always saving the damsel in distress The Damsel in distress we shall call Love for every fairytale story has love in it. I find these to be two themes that all fairytales have in common. Okay lets try this again.

Once upon a time there was a knight in shining armor named Freedom who had went to the Kingdom of Fifth Dimension to visit the king only to to take on the quest of all quest. The quest that would change his life forever. The quest was to free the damsel in distress Love from the farce clutches of the dragon witch thing that held guard over the tower building.

I'm going to take a tiny little detour from the story and give some insight on the antagonist of this story.  This dragon that our dear beloved Freedom saw looked like nothing but a lizard. Not even a lizard but a newt. It was no witch (unless you want to substitute the w with a b then I am mistaken). It had no power, unless you call a bad back, crippled from trying to be big and bad and something its not magic. This dragon witch thing was nothing but, just that, a thing. And the fire everyone thinks it's breathing was nothing but a bad cough, developed over the years for barking lies.

Back to the story shall we.

Freedom went of on this quest immediately, journeying long and hard far and wide until Freedom came upon the tower/building and saw the 'great' 'enormous' 'mighty' 'fierce' dragon witch thing that breath 'fire' down the neck of our damsel in distress. Well Freedom stepped up to the dragon witch thing and lets just say that they exchanged words with one another. In Freedom's being there was no fear held there, because Freedom could see what the dragon witch thing really was. Freedom could see beyond the farce.

And the two were exchanging words when our damsel in distress heard something a miss, more so
Love felt it. Our damsel in distress did something out of the ordinary, different, something strange.


I think you can fill in the blank there I'll just give you the ending.

And they lived on and on through the ends of time, but time has no ending and that my darling friends is another conversation for another time.

(If you have questions about this story feel free to ask)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Everything and Nothing

We claim to be nothing, do nothing, and have nothing, yet we are everything, we need everything, and we want everything. Are we really nothing if we want everything? I think we are everything and that is nothing at all, because the life we live is nothing and yet it is everything. The key word in both words is THING. Therefore they both must be or mean Something. Something more important than we give them credit for. So the concepts everything and nothing are interchangeable  nothing can be everything and everything can be nothing... let's put this into perspective... Kim has everything and is happy with nothing, but Jim has nothing and is happy with everything. So when Kim gives everything to Jim and Jim gives nothing to Kim, they find happiness with having everything and nothing at once which just so happens to be something. Does this make sense? Nevermind. Don't think feel... feel everything and nothing at all, or feel nothing and everything at once.